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We love our new Omega Juicer. We have owned a Juiceman Juicer, a Greenstar, a Jack LaLane Juicer and a Champion. While we always started out thinking this was the next best one, we have finally found one we use consistently. It's fast, easy-to-clean and we think you'll love it too. Click on the link below to see a demo Danny did on YouTube:

Danny's YouTube Juicer Demo

Want to buy one? Copy and paste the link below into an internet window:

Be sure to watch the credits at the end :) We think it's one of the best juicers you can get.


We have three at the restaurant and one at home. They're absolute work horses. We've recommended them so many times, Vitamix has offered us this great deal. Go to their website and when you checkout, enter this code: 06-004251 and get FREE SHIPPING!

Take Me to the Vitamix Website


Once you start making raw food, you eventually run into things you want to make that fall under the bread category and it's time to start thinkin' about gettin' a dehydrator. Hands down, the Excalibur 9-Tray with a 26-hour timer is your best bet. If you love our tortillas, crackers, and all things bready, this is the one for you.