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Natural Zing

Kathy and I would like to share a great resource with all of you, Natural Zing. According to their website:

Natural Zing's Market we sell organic food, raw food, vegetarian food and vegan food as well as related chef's tools and personal care products, only the healthiest products for you and the Earth. We specialize in raw foods, living food, vegan food, organic foods and other products to promote health, including personal care, juicers and kitchen equipment. Our products and resources meet the needs of various dietary and lifestyle choices.

Information is essential to making healthy decisions. Natural Zing's Education link takes you to health, lifestyle, vegetarian, living and raw food knowledge. To learn more about vegetarianism, hemp, ending world hunger, and the benefits of raw organic food go to our education section. We also sell related health books on topics such as raw food living and raw nutrition. Natural Zing's Links section takes you to abundant health and alternative knowledge resources which will be updated periodically.

We hope that you enjoy the products you purchase and the information you find. And most importantly we hope your life is filled with natural zing.

Peace, Love and Joy,

Natural Zing

E3 Live

Kathy and I tried this stuff for the first time when we went to Raw Spirit Festival in 2007. There was a vendor handing out samples of this "green stuff" that everyone was talking about. While we do not partake in the free samples at Costco, we DO try some raw samples. If we like them, we tell people about them. E3 Live, according to their website"is 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae blue-green algae (AFA for short) that is an all-organic wild-harvested aqua-botanical considered by renowned health authorities to be nature's most beneficial superfood."


We love our new Omega Juicer. We have owned a Juiceman Juicer, a Greenstar, a Jack LaLane Juicer and a Champion. While we always started out thinking this was the next best one, we have finally found one we use consistently. It's fast, easy-to-clean and we think you'll love it too. Click on the link below to see a demo Danny did on YouTube:

Danny's YouTube Juicer Demo

Be sure to watch the credits at the end :) They are $329 and we think it's one of the best juicers you can get.


We have three at the restaurant and one at home. They're absolute work horses. We've recommended them so many times, Vitamix has offered us this great deal. Go to their website and when you checkout, enter this code: 06-004251 and get FREE SHIPPING!

Take Me to the Vitamix Website

Just inside the front door we have a shelf chocked full of goodies for you.

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates  - The perfect gift! Available in any amount. Stop in pick one up. We'll package it in an envelope with a menu for you. Too busy? Just call us at 630.795.1729 with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) and the address and name of the recipient and we'll be happy to send it off for you ($1.50 postage & handling).

Raw Agave Nectar (32 oz) $15.95
- Low glycemic sweetener for desserts, salad dressing or tea.

Yerbamate (16oz) $9.95 - Naturally elevates energy and mood without the jitters.

Books and DVDs

Borrowed Earth Cafe - $25.95 paperback or $3.03 on Amazon Kindle. Our story plus recipes and information.

Yoga: The Secret by Danny Living $14.95 - In 1998, Borrowed Earth Cafe's Danny Living was in a bad car accident that left him in terrible pain. Two years later, someone gave him some yoga tapes for Christmas, and his whole life changed.

"One of the most important yoga books that has been written in modern times..."
                  - David Williams, Senior Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, 40 Years Daily Yoga Practice

Read Danny's inspiring story...

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Eating $9.95 - A great documentary about one of life's most important endeavors: Eating!
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Healing Cancer $17.95 - Learn about the cancer industry and what is really healing people.
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Simply Raw $29.95 - The inspirational story of 6 diabetics who learn the secret of reversing diabetes during a 30-day odyssey.

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