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Borrowed Earth Café 

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970 Warren Avenue, Downers Grove, IL  60515 
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Tuesday – Saturday  10:57AM – 9:03PM
Sunday  CLOSED

Frequently Asked Question: Why did you pick those hours?

Answer: Why not?


Cheese Perogies  $8.95  Sunflower seed "cheese" flavored with garlic, wheat-free tamari, lemon juice,  and red bell pepper wrapped in thin-sliced root veggies.

Hummus & Crackers   $8.95  Sunflower and sesame seed hummus with flax crackers.

Spinach Artichoke Dip & Crackers  $8.95  Creamy spinach and artichoke served with flax crackers.

Stuffed Mushrooms  $8.95  Mushrooms stuffed with nuts and a delicate blend of spices and herbs.


Borrowed Earth's World Famous Salad    $18.95  Six salads - a whole dinner plate full.

Kale-Licious Salad   $18.95  Kale, sunflower seed and cabbage - a whole dinner plate full.

Borrowed Earth Blended Side Salad     $11.95  Three side salads- a half a dinner plate full.
* Salads vary from day to day and with the seasons.

SOUPS   $6.95 cup  $8.95 bowl.  Ask your server for our daily special.

ENTREES  Served with salad. Salads vary from day to day and with the seasons.

Planet Pizza   $18.95   Made with wheat-free buckwheat, flax seed and spice crust, covered with marinara sauce, tomatoes and sunflower seed ricotta nut "cheese."

Earth Burger  $18.95   Walnut / carrot garden “burger” packed between Borrowed Earth “buns”with raw catsup. Served with  jicama “fries" and one tasty side salad.

Spinach Quiche $18.95   Shredded spinach, creamy cashew cheese and fresh vegetables all served in a wedge.

Burrito Loco  $18.95   Guacamole, cashew sour cream “cheese,” salsa and spicy sunflower seed “beans” wrapped in a corn tortilla.

Lasagna $18.95   Layers of zucchini noodles, spinach, and vegetables topped with a sunflower seed ricotta "cheese" and marinara sauce.

Falafels Falafels Falafels   $18.95   Ground nuts combined with rich spices rolled together and wrapped in a carrot flax seed wrap.

Sweet Potato Quesadilla   $18.95   Stuffed with sweet potato salad and tangy macadamia "cheese" wrapped in a corn and flax seed tortilla.

Gimme a Gyro   $18.95   The meat is made with savory spices and nuts and seeds, served with sunflower and sesame seed hummus sauce and fresh tomatoes on our version of carrot flax seed wrap.

I Can't Believe It's Not An Egg Salad Sandwich   $18.95   Creamy eggless "egg" salad made with cashews, diced celery, and scallions, served in our carrot flax seed wrap with mixed greens.

DESSERTS  We have only one rule: Nobody leaves without dessert.

Ask your server for our daily dessert specials as well as the flavors available for the items below.

Out of this World Cheese Cake    $8.95

Every Day You Can Eat Our Ice Cream Sundae     $8.95

Savoy Truffles  $3.95


Hot or Cold Teas

Clove, Chamomile, Yerbamate, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Mint, White, Green, Rooibos, $2.95 cup / $5.95 carafe

Need it sweeter? A side of agave is available for $1.50.

Smoothies*    $7.95  (12oz) / $9.95  (16oz)
Bananas, Bananas! – bananas, cinnamon

Holy Cacao!    Cacao, banana, agave

Mixed Berry - mixed berries, banana, agave

Earth Green – fresh greens, seasonal fruit, banana

* Extras (add $2) maca or hemp protein

Chocolatté  – cacao, banana, agave, coconut water, and a hint of cayenne pepper  $5.95

Yerbamaté Latté  – delicious boost of maté energy with nut milk, cinnamon & agave $5.95

Recommended for Kids!

Mom, Can I Really Have a Banana Split for Lunch or Dinner?   $11.95

Yes, you can. Fresh whole banana split down the middle topped with almond butter, raisins, and two scoops of banana ice cream covered in chocolate sauce.

Need more suggestions for kids? Ask you server...


NOTE: We use NUTS in almost all of our dishes and all of our food may have been in contact with NUTS. Aside from NUT ALLERGIES we can accommodate or work with other dietary needs. Please let your server know if your diet has been restricted or altered because of an allergy.

Everything is made here by us.