Borrowed Earth Café

Coaching - $75 half hour

Coaching, what, like little league?

More like, you're thinking, I think I want to try this, but, I'm not sure where to start.

I mean, I've got questions.

A lot of them.

I can hear you, You people, you've been eating this way for, what, five years now?

And you've got that restaurant, man, I bet you've made a lot of food, talked to a lot of people, navigated those family dinners, heard stories about two people, married maybe, living under the same roof: One of wants to try this, the other's like, What, is this some kind of fad? No, put that pizza down, we're not throwing out perfectly good food.

And then there's the grocery store. Holy smoke, where do I begin?

I walk in there and look at the food and I'm thinking, now what?

And do I need any special equipment?

How much is this gonna cost me?

What about my kids?

I'm sure this is going to go over big, "Hey, put those chips down," and "But you bought them," and you're like, "Yeah, but now I'm taking them away," and they're off to find the other parent, create a little disturbance, form an allegiance, get the household up in arms about potato chips, next thing you now they're gonna tell me I can't watch cable, I'm calling Child Services , or better yet, Grandma, on you, that's right, I'm picking up my phone, speed dial, GRANDMA...

Maybe we can share some of our experiences, maybe help you decide what's next.

Navigate around.

Leave Grandma alone, she's got her shows, and then there's all that shouting in the phone, "Who's that, the grandkids, what do they want? What about potato chips? Can't this wait, I wanna see if this People's Court clown is gonna pay for a new windshield. The guy looks sneaky, look at him."

Find some recipes and give it a go, but be quiet about it, not tell anyone yet, maybe take it slow.

How about a little encouragement?

Call (630) 795-1729 and we'll schedule a session with you.

Set aside a time to talk.

Chew the fat a little.

Maybe give you some food for thought.

QUESTION: Can I talk to Bobby?
ANSWER: Only if he's finished the dishes.