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Natural Zing

Kathy and I would like to share a great resource with all of you, Natural Zing. According to their website:

Natural Zing's Market we sell organic food, raw food, vegetarian food and vegan food as well as related chef's tools and personal care products, only the healthiest products for you and the Earth. We specialize in raw foods, living food, vegan food, organic foods and other products to promote health, including personal care, juicers and kitchen equipment. Our products and resources meet the needs of various dietary and lifestyle choices.

Information is essential to making healthy decisions. Natural Zing's Education link takes you to health, lifestyle, vegetarian, living and raw food knowledge. To learn more about vegetarianism, hemp, ending world hunger, and the benefits of raw organic food go to our education section. We also sell related health books on topics such as raw food living and raw nutrition. Natural Zing's Links section takes you to abundant health and alternative knowledge resources which will be updated periodically.

We hope that you enjoy the products you purchase and the information you find. And most importantly we hope your life is filled with natural zing.

Peace, Love and Joy,

Natural Zing

E3 Live

Kathy and I tried this stuff for the first time when we went to Raw Spirit Festival in 2007. There was a vendor handing out samples of this "green stuff" that everyone was talking about. While we do not partake in the free samples at Costco, we DO try some raw samples. If we like them, we tell people about them. E3 Live, according to their website"is 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae blue-green algae (AFA for short) that is an all-organic wild-harvested aqua-botanical considered by renowned health authorities to be nature's most beneficial superfood."


We love our new Omega Juicer. We have owned a Juiceman Juicer, a Greenstar, a Jack LaLane Juicer and a Champion. While we always started out thinking this was the next best one, we have finally found one we use consistently. It's fast, easy-to-clean and we think you'll love it too. Click on the link below to see a demo Danny did on YouTube:

Danny's YouTube Juicer Demo

Want to buy one? Click here:

Be sure to watch the credits at the end :) We think it's one of the best juicers you can get.


We have three at the restaurant and one at home. They're absolute work horses. We've recommended them so many times, Vitamix has offered us this great deal. Go to their website and when you checkout, enter this code: 06-004251 and get FREE SHIPPING!

Take Me to the Vitamix Website


Once you start making raw food, you eventually run into things you want to make that fall under the bread category and it's time to start thinkin' about gettin' a dehydrator. Hands down, the Excalibur 9-Tray with a 26-hour timer is your best bet. If you love our tortillas, crackers, and all things bready, this is the one for you.


Kathy and I really love music. In the corner of the restaurant right by the front door sits a spunky 1937 Wurlitzer spinet that has plenty of stories. We rescued it from a music store that was selling it for $200 dollars. Kathy started playing again after a long hiatus from music. A few years later, a friend gave Kathy a piano and we suddenly found ourselves with two pianos in the dining room. We moved the spunky Wurlitzer to the restaurant. Above it on the wall hangs my 25-year old Yamaha six-string. When theire's a free minute, we will some times take a second to play a little...and some times some of our customers will play too.

Here's some of our friends, who share their music with the world:

The Giving Tree Band

(From their website) "If you ask Todd and Eric Fink of The Giving Tree Band how much time they spend making music, your voice will not be heard above the din of their banjo and guitar, respectively. For the Brothers Fink, there is no distinction between playing music and just plain living. No two days are ever the same, as every new moment is their most creative. Their bodies and instruments become a singularity that is just trying to get in tune, stay in tune, and add a little harmony to the grand symphony of life.

When asked to cite influences, the will rarely speak of musical figures. They will proudly recite their genealogy, and celebrate the direct bloodline flowing from Mike Fink, the legendary folk hero known for his exploits on the Mighty Mississippi River. On their mother's side, the sol smiles down on the path that connects them to Hernando de Soto, the Spanish conquistador who first discovered the aforementioned Mississippi. And so, the Finks grew up with a sacred reverence for nature, one that often collided with a reckless passion for adventure. It is only natural that their musical vision includes a plan to canoe the entire Mississippi River while touring cities along the massive waterway.

Following their lifelong desire for a band, the Finks have extended their brotherhood into an epic collective of like-minded souls, know throughout the world as The Giving Tree Band. Further inspired by extraordinary adventurers who led impressive supporting casts, the GTB has become a modern musical version of such historical outfits as Ben Franklin and The Honest Whigs, Frank and The Jesse James Gang, and Theodore Roosevelt and The Rough Riders.

Though the story of The Giving Tree Band is still being written, it can already be said that these musical frontiersmen are redefining "virtuosity," which is traditionally understood as dizzying displays of technical wizardry. But what is missing from this definition is the root word--Virtue. And it is upon this foundation of Virture that The Giving Tree Band weaves their musical tapestry--by playing every single note with integrity in order to purposefully craft each part, by playing every single part with humility in order to serve the song with honesty in order to resonate with the listeners at the show, by playing every single show with gratitude in order to appreciate this special privilege in life, and by playing life with a heart full of love in order to realize that it is all music, and it is all beautiful."

Jimmy Braskett

Jimmy Braskett played to a sold-out audience in March of 2009 at the cafe, playing his magical blend of music. Listen to his music here. We sell Jimmy's CD "Peace" in the cafe...we met Jimmy in 2007 at Raw Spirit Festival. He's stayed at our home and worked side-by-side with us in the restaurant. He's an extraordinary minstrel at heart who's music will touch you.

Danny Paradise

Danny came into our lives a few years ago at a yoga workshop in Chicago. Danny is adept at Ashtanga Yoga and we highly recommend attending his workshops if you get the chance. Danny has taught Madonna, Sting, as well as other fortunate people all over the earth he calls home who are inspired by his practice as well his invitation to make yoga part of your life. Danny has traveled the world inspiring people with his yoga. Yoga reveals within the person, as Danny says, "their own personal instructions" for their journey. Kathy and I try and unroll our mats each morning in our bedroom together and start each day with Ashtanga Yoga practice. In addition to being a gifted teacher, Danny is also a phenomenal musical talent. Kathy and I love his music


We love yoga and it's an important element in our lifestyle.

David Williams

In addition to Danny Paradise, we are privileged to be friends with one of the greatest yoga teachers on the planet, David Williams. I met David back in 2004 at his home in Maui. I had written a book about my experience with Yoga and the last chapter was a letter to David, whom I'd never met. I wrote down on a piece of paper that David and I would meet in Maui, and just a few months later, by coincidence, I thought, it happened. In 2006, Kathy and I dreamed about spending a week with David and some friends dong yoga and hanging out. David said, "Let's do it..." and we put together a website and imagined taking a group shot with everyone and David with paradise in the back ground at this cool little place in Mexico called Haramara we'd visited the year before...and, after several months of wondering how it was all going to come all came together.

We would love to do it again, but this time have David Williams AND Danny Paradise there. Kathy and I would put together the food, and we would do yoga and enjoy the great place and getting to share yoga and raw food with a group of people for a week.

We also dream of someday having a place like Haramara for people to come to and enjoy a beautiful place and eat "simply the best food on the planet"...stay tuned...our little adventures and projects have always started in our minds and as they take shape with words and intentions...we see those things we dare to dream of become part of the life we call the awakened dream...we dream of traveling the world doing workshops with people, like Danny and David do, sharing our food and our way of Living...our intention is that Borrowed Earth Cafe will be our home (so don't panic) in Downers Grove, but won't it be cool to have a Borrowed Earth in paradise to come stay at too? Stay tuned...